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KC's Academy, Early Childhood Education

The mission of KC’s Academy of Early Childhood Education Talented and Gifted Private School is to continually improve the learning environment to empower all students to achieve personal excellence.
The vision of KC’s Academy of Early Childhood Education Talented and Gifted Private School is to be renowned for its progressive curriculum and innovative instructional practices. This vision is centered on creating an environment dedicated to empowering all students to achieve individual excellence. Our teaching practices are both reflective and responsive to the needs of our students.
Through diversified experiences, our students discover their potential, achieve readiness for the next academic and succeed in a safe and caring environment. This excitement will be fostered by: Safe, Clean School environment, State of the Art Teaching Resources, Advanced Technology, Community Partnerships, and Financial Stability.

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KC’s Academy has two separate infant rooms, each designed specifically for your infant’s development.
All of our staff members are trained in the field of infant care, are CPR and First Aid certified, and are well-versed in policies specific to KC’s Academy including taking anecdotal notes on your child’s progress, sanitation of all mouthed toys and communicating with parents daily.
  • Age: 6 weeks-18 months


KC’s Academy knows that toddlerhood is an incredibly important time in your child’s development (and an incredibly fun and challenging one!). It’s a time when language, social, cognitive, and physical skills are growing exponentially.
Toddlers are constantly learning and they use all of their senses to explore the world around them. Our teachers help encourage their curiosity by providing a safe, loving and active learning environment.
  • Age: 19 months-24 months


At KC’s Academy we believe in focusing on developmental stages rather than chronological age. At this stage of development preschoolers are beginning to extend their world, making new friends, and trusting new caregivers.
They become even more aware of the world around them and delight in interacting and experimenting with their surroundings. They gain independence and self-control. They express themselves and their new ideas using new words. Their vivid and creative imaginations are taking flight and they are bursting with excitement at all the possibilities! And so are we!
  • Age: 2-5 years

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