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We are a private early childhood education center on the northside of Chicago. We provide quality care for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old.


6 Weeks - 15 Months

15 Months - 24 Months

2 - 4 Years Old



Extras And Activities


Our daughter has been attending since she was 3 months old. She's currently age 3. We LOVE KC's Academy. They are so professional, caring, and sincerely work towards the enrichment of the children. Our daughter has learned more than what would be expected of a new kindergarden student. In fact, she's currently using phonetics and will be doing simple reading soon. The education is fantastic and I can't say enough glowing things!

After struggling for some time to find good daycare for my daughter, we had to start looking again and I found KC's on the internet.  It was a little above our price range at the time but we decided to go for a visit anyway as we wanted to get it right.

We got an appointment for a tour very quickly and we really liked what we saw, so we signed up.  We've been really pleased at the level of communication with the teachers - at each of the parent-teacher conferences that we have attended the teachers have demonstrated that they know our daughter well and are actively trying to implement ways they can help her develop and grow.  The director, Ms. Cummings, is committed to providing both care and learning for the children.  

Our daughter seems to be thriving and we will definitely continue with them until she goes to school, as well as for any other children we have.


-Ann B,  Parent

We have dedicated teachers and a very competitive child to teacher ratio ( 3:1 in the infant center, 4:1 for toddlers, and 7:1 for preschool).

KC’s Academy of Early Childhood Education is a unique child care facility located on the north side of Chicago in the Lakeview/Wrigleyville area. Our mission is to guide your children through various stages of socio-emotional development, and build a strong foundation for their educational future. Our private ownership allows us to keep competitive classroom ratios, offer organic catering options, and continually reinvest in our facility.

- Christian L,  Parent


Each child has an individual educational plan--customized by the educational director.

Language and Activities

Mandarin, French and Spanish classes. Music lessons (in english and spanish), dramatic play, and Stretch and Grow all included in tuition.

Date Night

We offer Date Nights once a month, where we stay open until 8:30 p.m. so you can have you (or us) time.


Diapers, organic meals, snacks, and field trips are included in the tuition price

Our loving, knowledgeable, and caring staff cares for infants between the ages of 6 weeks to 18 months. KC’s Academy has two separate infant rooms, each designed specifically for your infant’s development.
All of our staff members are trained in the field of infant care, are CPR and First Aid 
certified, and are well-versed in policies specific to KC’s Academy including taking 
anecdotal notes on your child’s progress, sanitation of all mouthed toys and communicating with parents daily.
KC’s Academy has an open door policy. This means that parents can visit their infant at anytime during the day, whether it’s a mother who wants to breast feed her infant, or simply a mom or dad who wants to stop in to play. We’d love to have you!


KC’s Academy knows that toddlerhood is an incredibly important time in your child’s
development (and an incredibly fun and challenging one!). It’s a time when language, social, cognitive, and physical skills are growing exponentially. Toddlers are constantly learning and they use all of their senses to explore the world around them. Our teachers help encourage their curiosity by providing a safe, loving and active learning environment.

How will your toddler spend his or her day at KC’s?

  • Playing at the sand and water table
  • Conducting science experiments
  • Running toy cars through shaving cream
  • Painting with just about anything other than a paintbrush

Our toddlers dance, sing, stack, fill, pour, read, rest, and laugh. Your child will enjoy participation in both small and large group activities, as well as follow their own interests in a fun, safe way. Your child will get one-on-one attention thanks to our low teacher to toddler ratio and we’ll take special care to get to know and grow to love your child. As a result, our toddler teachers become very close with our KC’s parents.

Ultimately, we want KC’s Academy to serve as a home away from home: a playful, nurturing and safe environment for you and your child.



The Magic of the Preschool Years

The preschool years, ages 2-4, are a special and magical time for children. Although we have an age description attached to preschoolers, at KC’s Academy we believe in focusing on developmental stages rather than chronological age. We recognize that at this stage of development preschoolers are beginning to extend their world, making new friends, and trusting new caregivers. They become even more aware of the world around them and delight in interacting and experimenting with their surroundings. They gain independence and self-control. They express themselves and their new ideas using new words. They learn to take initiative and engage others. Their vivid and creative imaginations are taking flight and they are bursting with excitement at all the possibilities! And so are we!

Our preschool-aged students are divided into two groups:

  •  Beginners: Junior Preschoolers/Two Year Olds, ages 2 to 3
  •  Intermediate: Senior Preschoolers, ages 3 to 4

Each group has their own homeroom teacher and circle space. However, several time a week we combine groups into one social space to allow the children to interact with each other socially. Many times, activities will bring the two groups together and allow them to learn from each other.

Getting the Best Possible Start

We all want the best for our children. We want to see them grow into happy and productive human beings capable of loving, working and contributing. We want them to reach their full potential.

The preschool years lay the foundation for the rest of a child’s education. It’s at this time that a child’s self-esteem is most significantly shaped, and also the time when their relationship to school and learning starts to develop. We’d love to be a part of your child’s magical preschool years! 


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